Work History

Cheetay Pvt Ltd – (Aug 2017 – To Date) Cheetay


Approached by as Growth Hacker, with only focus to increase daily orders and achieve targets to make ready for second round of funds. Following is what I am managing at present:

  • Team Building (Hiring)
  • Digital Marketing – Getting all channels setup SEO, PPC, Email, SMS, Apps, Blog
  • Conventional Marketing – PR and Partnerships

And the journey continues till something else shows up …

PakWheels Pvt Ltd – (Sept 2015 – May 2017) PakWheels


Hired as Sr. Manager Marketing (Head of Marketing) to manage and take up Digital and conventional marketing. Following were my key responsibilities.

  • Digital Governance – Implementation of Digital Policy, guidelines and standards to drive an improved customer & brand experience
  • Digital Strategy – Driving alignment of our Web and Mobile propositions to ensure a joined up and seamless customer experience across all our business units and geographies.
  • Bench-marking & optimization– Performance reporting and bench-marking of the website and Apps.
  • Digital Analytics – Strategy and implementation of a single digital analytics platform and consistent measurement KPI’s.

Here, I have managed over 16 associates sub-divided into teams of Performance Marketing (SEO. PPC, Email and Apps), Content Management and Brand Management. Also we acquired over 20 Facebook Groups and Pages for community and outreach.

During my tenure at PakWheels, most exciting tasks and projects were Auto-shows, PakWheels Magazine, PakWheels Blog, CarSure Services and Partnerships.

During Axact Saga and BOL – (May 2015 – Aug 2015)

Starting May 2015 till September 2015, as a stop gap arrangement I have been assigned to job role at BOL Network along side with my responsibilities at BOL I then started consulting Under Ecom umbrella I have provided my consultation services for most of the top line fashion outlets operating in Pakistan like Khaadi, AlKaram, EGO and Gulahmed.

Axact Pvt Limited – (Dec 2014 – April 2015) 

Joined Axact Pvt Ltd as Sr. Manager Marketing (Marketing Head) for one of the five business unit. Broader KPI was to achieve GAP 1 (Advertising to Sales Ratio) @ 10%. Operational KPI was to generate Leads for three Sales teams, while managing daily budget of USD 5,000. As managerial function I managed team of seven associates sub divided into teams of SEO, Pay per Click, E-Mail. Social Media and SMS.

Intelligent Money SDN BHD – (May 2014 – Nov 2014) iMoney Group


Got this opportunity to learn a distinct universe of digital marketing, At Intelligent Money SDN BHD hired as Manager Performance Media here my responsibility is to increase traffic from all online resources for,, and, My other responsibility is to align traffic objectives with Sales to get maximum leads from traffic generate.

Leaving iMoney was more of a choice between Pakistan or any other country to destined career, After considering social, economical and career factors I choose to comeback Pakistan and continued Career Journey back at Axact (Pvt) Ltd.

Axact Pvt Limited – (Oct 2012 – April 2014)

It was pleasure to be welcomed by Pakistan’s largest IT company Axact Pvt Limited as Manager Marketing – Search Engine Optimization. Here at Axact I have applied all my learning so far to improve SEO of Axact’s 5 business units with more than 20 websites with team of 4 senior SEOs.

Soon, I have become performer and acknowledged by senior management by assignment of development of SEO domain including 16 team members, during this assignments I have implemented performance system that improves performance of all 5 business units. After successful alignment of SEO Domain with all business units I have been marked as “Sub Domain Owner” of SEO department where my responsibility was to deliver business from SEO department that I actually did well and as a result promoted to Senior Manager – Marketing with all awards and acknowledgement.

And here comes the Bigger 2, the new opportunity was knocked and I moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia … – (April 2010 – Oct 2012) was boot strap start-up grown on its clientele, being a founder of this online venture I have more focused on increasing client base for my venture either locally in Pakistan or Globally. That involves meeting clients on board or having skype calls for overseas clients.

For detail look into clients I have served please CLICK HERE!

PeanutLabs Inc – (April 2010 – Oct 2012) PeanutLabs Inc


PeanutLabs Inc (San Francisco based Start UP) was very first client under, here I was hired to kick start Search Optimization and Search Marketing for During 2 years of contract I have hired dedicated resources for SEO, aslo as Manager Marketing my responsibility were to align SEO plan and strategies as per companies objective. My other core responsibility were to report company CEO about weekly and monthly performances of marketing campaigns if they are cost effective and achieving objectives.

Achievements here include increase in overall traffic from SEO, SEM and Social Media.

KalSoft Pvt Ltd – (March 2009 – April 2010) Kalsoft


Joined as Ast. Manager Marketing for Digital Marketing team for B2B start-up

Here I have set up SEO, SEM and SMM operations from scratch, I have hired team for Back office operations where 12 users were hired and trained to optimize customer products. Hired 4 dedicated SEO experts for making work on Google and gain organic traffic spike while indexing over 2 million pages in shortest possible time. Also I have setup PPC campaigns on targeted search marketing channels like Google Adowrds, Baidu, Sogo and Soso. And for Social Media Marketing initiated campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with dedicated team of social media experts.

My greatest achievements here includes learning of management practices with hiring and mentoring team mates, and Kalsoft pvt ltd took risk on me and believe in my work for them and I did well as I was awarded as best team player and performer for the Year 2009 – 2010.

After all this learning I decided to take risk to start my own venture for digital marketing services as at the same time working full-time as Manager SEO remotely for San Francisco based start-up Peanut Labs Inc

TradeKey Pvt Ltd – (Feb 2007 – Feb 2009) TradeKey


Hired as Junior Executive Marketing At TradeKey Pvt Ltdfor Search Marketing team to set up Search Engine Marketing operations for Google China, later on expanded operations to China’s top most Search Engine BAIDU, SOGO and SOSO. For all my work tenure I have been assigned to different assignments like to improve its SEO and increase Adsesnse CTR. Also I have been designated to SEO Team Lead for to improve its daily SEO traffic.

Major achievements at TradeKey are increase in leads at targeted CPA of $1.00 while spending $150K during (2007-2008), Also successfully achieved 6% CTR for Adsense Ads at Awarded as Fortifier for Mission 45 who’s objective was to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention ration up to 70% .

I have received my last promotion in the year 2009 as Senior Executive, but there was lot more to do with other exciting opportunities coming my way that time … SO, I just took a leap and moved to KaslSoft Pvt Limited.

Telenet Communications Pvt Ltd – (Dec 2005 – Jan 2007)

Started my first job as Data Entry Operator for Search Optimization team at Telenet Communication Pvt Ltd, primarily my responsibilities include back-links submission for,, After 6 months of my first job I have moved to Pay Per Click operations, where I was responsible to manage PPC campaigns for over eight sub-domains for company and manage over $1000/Day budget.